Lepista polygonarum and Prunulus lammiensis, two new combinations in the Agaricales

  title={Lepista polygonarum and Prunulus lammiensis, two new combinations in the Agaricales},
  author={H. Harmaja},
C/itocybe polygonarum Laursen, O.K. Miller & H.E. Bigelow (Tricholomataceae) from arctic Alaska is transferred to Lepista (Fr.) W.G. Sm. as Lepista polygonarum (Laursen, O.K. Mi ller & H. E. Bigelow) Harmaja, comb. no . The taxonomy of the species group that includes L. polygonarum is briefly discussed. The name Tricholoma multiforme has been incorrectly attributed to Romell as a new species. It is not synonymous with L. polygonarum. The nomenclature of Agaricus multiformis Schaeff. and… Expand


The division of the genus Lepista
One new species, Lepista albofragrans Harmaja, is described and the following five new sections are described, distinguished by the degree of spore wall cyanophily and different ability of the mycelium to produce nitrite in culture. Expand
A further revision of the generic limit between Lepista and Clitocybe
The genus Clitocybe (Fr.) Staude (Agaricales) is amended to comprise only species with cyanophobic spore wall, and the following fourteen new combinations are made: Lepista aeruginosa (Bigelow) Harmaja, L. fragran. Expand
Studies on white-spored agarics
The following new species are described (all the types are from Finland): Cystoderma saarenoksae Harmaja, CyStoderma niveum HarmaJa, Hygrophorus korhoneniiharmaja, Mycena lammiensis Harmaja (Fr. ) Que!. is reported as new to Finland. Expand
A biogeographical overview of the Canadian mushroom flora
Maps showing the North American distributions of 74 species of fleshy fungi, mainly Agaricales, are used to demonstrate variations in fungal ranges. Each map is based on examined specimens orExpand
A new Clitocybe from the Alaskan Arctic
A new species of Clitocybe is described from the Alaskan Arctic. This agaric grows on low-center polygon rims, high-center polygons, and on beach ridges. Drawings of microscopic features andExpand
1976: A further revision of the generic
  • 1976
The status of Lepis
  • 1969
: Type study of Lepista rickenii ( Tricholomatales ) and description of L . panaeolus var . paxilloides var . nov
  • 2000