Lepidopus calcar, a New Trichiurid Fish from the Hawaiian Underwater Ridge

  title={Lepidopus calcar, a New Trichiurid Fish from the Hawaiian Underwater Ridge},
  author={Nikolay V. Parin and S. V. Mikhailin},
  journal={Japanese Journal of Ichthyology},
A new trichiurid,Lepidopus calcar,is described.The species was discovered from the Colahan Seamount of the Hawaiian Ridge at a depth between 270 and 350m.It is characterized by a stout spur-like second anal spine not developed in adults of other species of Lepidopus. Number of vertebrae and dorsal fin-rays is less than in L.caudatus(Euphrasen)and more than in both L.xantusi Goode et Bean and L.dubius Parin et Mikhailin. According to Tucker(1956)the trichiurid genus Lepidopus contains two… 
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Cutlassfishes of the genusLepidopus (Trichiuridae), with two new eastern pacific species

A key to the described species ofLepidopus is given and certain morphological features of L. caudatus are described and Geographic variability ofL.

Nikolai Vasil'evich Parin (1932–2012)

Nik Parin of the P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, survived a stroke in February 2006 and was in poor health, suffering from cancer until his death in Moscow on 18 April 2012.



A new species of scabbard - fish , Lepidopus dubius ( Trichi - uridae ) from the eastern tropical Atlantic ocean

  • 1981