Lepidopteran caterpillar fauna of cerrado host plants

  title={Lepidopteran caterpillar fauna of cerrado host plants},
  author={Ivone Rezende Diniz and Helena Castanheira de Morais},
  journal={Biodiversity & Conservation},
The cerrado biome is rich in caterpillar species although the general biology and ecology of most tropical species remains unknown. Three host plant genera (Byrsonima, Erythroxylum and Qualea) were examined for caterpillars in four cerrado sensu stricto areas near Brasi´lia (DF, Brazil), from 1991 to 1995. Altogether, more than 16000 host plants were sampled and less than 20% of them possessed caterpillars. All the caterpillars found were reared under laboratory conditions. We successfully… CONTINUE READING

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