Leonhard Baldner, a Strasbourg Fisherman

  title={Leonhard Baldner, a Strasbourg Fisherman},
  author={Armin Geus},
  pages={195 - 199}
  • A. Geus
  • Published 1 June 1964
  • History
  • Isis
facture are identical with one reported in 1948, but the measurements differ.) It may be of some interest to compare these with the one dated 1377, preserved in the library-museum, Tai-yiian, Shansi province, which I photographed in 1931, and with the one preserved in Korea; see Isis, 1944, 35: Figures 1 & 3 facing pages 212-213, and Plate 21 in an article by J. L. Boots in Transactions of the Korea Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, 1934: 24. See also Figures 34, 35, and 39 in the article by… 

The development of ornithology in central Europe

The ‘Golden Age’ of central European field ornithology from 1820 to 1850 saw the appearance of the splendid works of Johann Friedrich Naumann, Christian Ludwig Brehm, and Friedrich Faber, who established a sound basis for the study of birds in this region and beyond.

The introduction of the European bitterling (Rhodeus amarus) to west and central Europe

The bitterling, which is legally protected in Europe at a national and international level as an endangered indigenous species, is actually an invasive species and a parasite of freshwater mussels.

The Rhine River basin



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Ornithologiae libri tres

    Baldner's Vogel, Fisch und Thierbuch

    • Bayerische Fischereizeitung

    De historia piscium libri quatuor

      Die Naturgeschichte des Leonhard Baldner, Fischer zu Strassburg

      • Strassburger Post

      Briefe auf seinen ausldndischen Reisen an den khiniglichen Bibliothekar C. C. Gjo'rwell in

        Das Vogel, Fisch und Thierbuch des Strassburger Fischers Leonhard Baldner

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        L'histoire naturelle des eaux Strassbourgeoises de Leonard Baldner

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          Observationes zoologicae. Opus posthumum