Leonardo Volume 47 and Leonardo Music Journal Volume 24

  title={Leonardo Volume 47 and Leonardo Music Journal Volume 24},
  journal={Leonardo Music Journal},
  • Published 2014
  • Art
  • Leonardo Music Journal
“ACM SIGGRAPH Distinguished Artist Award for Lifetime Achievement in Digital Art: Harold Cohen,” in Leonardo Special Issue: SIGGRAPH 2014 Art Papers and Acting in Translation Art Gallery, Leonardo 47, No. 4 (2014). AHMeD, NAMeeRA. Review of Ferocious Reality: Documentary According to Werner Herzog by eric Ames, Leonardo 47, No. 2 (2014). AHNeRT, RuTH, and AHNeRT, S.e. “A Community under Attack: Protestant Letter Networks in the Reign of Mary I,” in Special Section “Arts, Humanities and Complex… 


Visual histories: photography in the popular imagination, by Malavika Karlekar
given new direction to Bollywood in the last two decades, Gopal’s omissions are puzzling. She limits her analysis to multiplex films and in not discussing major box office hits like Dabangg (Abhinav
Algorithmic Art
“One might justifiably question the artist’s role in images that are not merely assembled by the computer in its capacity as a tool, but generated directly by it. Where is the human input?” Lambert,
Research-Creation: Methodological Issues
Hexagram | CIAM (Inter-University Center for Media Arts), a research center based in Concordia University and the Université du Québec à Montréal, is currently launching a large-scale investigation
Art-Science Is a Conceptual Blend
The art world is, as always, engaged in the boomlets of the moment; right now, that includes art-science. This is a good reason to establish a procedure for determining what art-science is. For
Systems and Automatisms: Jack Burnham, Stanley Cavell and the Evolution of a Neoliberal Aesthetic
ABSTRACT This paper compares Jack Burnham's “systems esthetics” and Stanley Cavell's “automatisms,” linking them by way of organizational and systems theories of the mid-20th century and the rise of
The Shape of Spaces yet to Come
The way out of perspectivism is to continually replace one perspective with another newly created perspective, thereby transforming the shape of space. This non-relativistic approach to relativism
Album Apps: A New Musical Album Format and the Influence of Open Works
ABSTRACT Since 2011, the term “album app” has been used more frequently by journalists in the music and technology fields. It refers to a new album format that at first seemed an invitation to
What’s Wrong with an Art Fake? Cognitive and Emotional Variables Influenced by Authenticity Status of Artworks
ABSTRACT What’s wrong with art fakes? The authors tested effects of art “forgery” on aesthetic appreciation and the perceived quality of paintings in a multidimensional manner comprising cognitive
Hybrids Are Hubs: Transdisciplinarity, the Two Cultures and the Special Status of Artscientists
Much has been said and written about the two-culture paradigm separating the world between artists and scientists. On one side of this debate are those who accept this cultural art/science divide. On
The Logic of Color: Theory and Graphics in Christine Ladd-Franklin's Explanation of Color Vision
ABSTRACT In the years after 1870, two theories of color vision vied for primacy: the “trichromatic” theory and a four-color theory, also known as an “opponent” theory of color vision. Among