Leon Trotsky’s Contribution to the Marxist Theory of History

  title={Leon Trotsky’s Contribution to the Marxist Theory of History},
  author={Paul Blackledge},
  journal={Studies in East European Thought},
  • P. Blackledge
  • Published 1 March 2006
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  • Studies in East European Thought
Trotsky’s contribution to historical materialism has been subject to two broadly defined critical assessments. Detractors have tended to dismiss his interpretation of Marxism as a form of productive force determinism, while admirers have tended to defend his Marxism as a voluntarist negation of the same. In this essay I argue that both of these opinions share an equally caricatured interpretation of Second International Marxism against which Trotsky is compared. By contrast, I argue that… 
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