Lentinan, A Shiitake Mushroom ò-Glucan, Stimulates Tumor-Specific Adaptive Immunity through PD-L1 Down-Regulation in Gastric Cancer Cells

  title={Lentinan, A Shiitake Mushroom {\~A}{\^A}²-Glucan, Stimulates Tumor-Specific Adaptive Immunity through PD-L1 Down-Regulation in Gastric Cancer Cells},
  author={Hiroko Ina and M. Yoneda and K. Mitsuro and Y. Kodera and M. Kabeya and S. Yuasa and T. Kataoka and R. Furuta and K. Ina},
  journal={Medicinal Chemistry},
Background: Despite the significant advances in chemotherapy, the prognosis of unresectable gastric cancer is still very poor and the role of immunotherapy remains to be clarified. We examined whether lentinan, a biological response modifier, could enhance the chemotherapeutic effects. Materials and methods: A retrospective cohort study was conducted to evaluate the survival benefits of lentinan among the patients with gastric cancer receiving chemotherapy. To investigate the mechanisms… Expand
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