Lentil root statoliths reach a stable state in microgravity


 The kinetics of the movement of statoliths in gravity-perceiving root cap cells of Lens culinaris L. and the force responsible for it have been analysed under 1 g and under microgravity conditions (S/MM-03 mission of Spacehab 1996). At the beginning of the experiment in space, the amyloplasts were grouped at the distal pole of the statocytes by a root-tip… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/s004250000298


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@article{DrissEcole2000LentilRS, title={Lentil root statoliths reach a stable state in microgravity}, author={Dominique Driss-Ecole and Bernard Le Jeune and Monique Prouteau and Philippe Julianus and G{\'e}rald Perbal}, journal={Planta}, year={2000}, volume={211}, pages={396-405} }