Lenticulostriatal vasculopathy - a marker for congenital cytomegalovirus infection?


Lenticulostriate vasculopathy (LSV) is an ultrasound (US) visible lesion of the brain, which appears as echogenic streaks or spots in the arteries of thalamus and basal ganglia. LSV has varied etiology. Transfontanelar Color Doppler (TFCD) can easily display lenticulostriatal blood flow and assess: stage I LSV with present flow within echogenic changes and stage II LSV in which the flow disappears, despite a presence of streaks and spots, which at this stage most probably correspond to calcification. The objectives of this study are to determine: (1) Whether there are differences in distribution (unilateral or bilateral) and presence (during first year of age) of TFCD flow between congenital CMV infection positive and negative group of children with LSV (2) Could US and TFCD findings of LSV be an indication for further investigation of possible congenital CMV infection, because of their variable and often adverse neurodevelopmental outcome? We examined and followed-up 98 infants with LSV One group (37/98) with congenital CMV infection and second (61/98) negative. All infants had clinical signs of neuromotor delay and ultrasound and TFCD markers of LSV Our study shows that most of the patients from both groups had TFCD visible flow at the age of 0-4 months. In majority of them in both groups, at the age of 5-8 months, there was no more visible flow. TFCD showed no statistically significant difference among congenital CMV infection positive group and negative group, nor in youngest age period (0-4 months), nor in later course of flow in LSV unilaterally or bilaterally. Although the LSV presents nonspecific marker for intracranial infection (ICI), all infants presenting with LSV should be evaluated for possible ICI. Thus, the Doppler findings of LSV in infants require a detailed examination, monitoring and follow-up of neuromotor outcome.

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