Lensless imaging of magnetic nanostructures by X-ray spectro-holography

  title={Lensless imaging of magnetic nanostructures by X-ray spectro-holography},
  author={Stefan Eisebitt and J. L{\"u}ning and William F. Schlotter and M. L{\"o}rgen and Olav Hellwig and Wolfgang Eberhardt and Joachim St{\"o}hr},
Our knowledge of the structure of matter is largely based on X-ray diffraction studies of periodic structures and the successful transformation (inversion) of the diffraction patterns into real-space atomic maps. But the determination of non-periodic nanoscale structures by X-rays is much more difficult. Inversion of the measured diffuse X-ray intensity patterns suffers from the intrinsic loss of phase information, and direct imaging methods are limited in resolution by the available X-ray… CONTINUE READING