LensMouse: augmenting the mouse with an interactive touch display

  title={LensMouse: augmenting the mouse with an interactive touch display},
  author={Xing-Dong Yang and Edward Mak and David C. McCallum and Pourang Irani and Xiang Cao and Shahram Izadi},
We introduce LensMouse, a novel device that embeds a touch-screen display -- or tangible 'lens' -- onto a mouse. Users interact with the display of the mouse using direct touch, whilst also performing regular cursor-based mouse interactions. We demonstrate some of the unique capabili-ties of such a device, in particular for interacting with auxil-iary windows, such as toolbars, palettes, pop-ups and dia-log-boxes. By migrating these windows onto LensMouse, challenges such as screen real-estate… CONTINUE READING
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