Lens-injury-stimulated axonal regeneration throughout the optic pathway of adult rats.

  title={Lens-injury-stimulated axonal regeneration throughout the optic pathway of adult rats.},
  author={David E. Fischer and Peter Heiduschka and Solon Thanos},
  journal={Experimental neurology},
  volume={172 2},
Axonal regrowth and restoration of visual function were studied in adult rats. The optic nerve was completely cut behind the eye. The proximal and distal nerve stumps were realigned and the meninges sutured back together. During the same surgical procedure, the lens was lesioned in order to induce secondary cellular cascades, which are known to strongly support the survival of retinal ganglion cells (RGCs) and to promote axonal regeneration. The anatomical and topographic restoration of the… CONTINUE READING
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