Lens capsule and epithelium in age-related cataract.

  title={Lens capsule and epithelium in age-related cataract.},
  author={Bradley R. Straatsma and D O Lightfoot and R M Barke and Joseph Horwitz},
  journal={American journal of ophthalmology},
  volume={112 3},
On the basis of preoperative assessment of patient characteristics, intraoperative obtainment of a lens-capsule and epithelium specimen, histopathologic investigation of lens capsule and epithelium, and biochemical analysis of glutathione reductase in lens epithelium, age-related cataract was studied in 50 adult patients who underwent consecutive extracapsular cataract-posterior chamber lens implant surgery. Patients (25 men and 25 women; age range, 41 to 91 years; mean age, 75 years) had a… CONTINUE READING


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