Leishmania antimony resistance / susceptibility in Algerian foci

  title={Leishmania antimony resistance / susceptibility in Algerian foci},
  author={Ait-Oudhia and Oury and Moulti-Mati Farida and Zoubir Harrat},
Algeria is one of the most endemic countries for cutaneous and visceral forms of leishmaniosis. Strikingly, with more than 21,000 annual cases of cutaneous leishmaniosis recorded in 2010, the disease has a major public health impact. For all forms of leishmaniosis, the fi rst line treatment relies on antimonial containing drug i.e., Glucantime®, developed during the 1950’s. As early as 1986, antimonial treatment failure was reported during cutaneous leishmaniosis treatment. Linked to this… CONTINUE READING