Leiomyosarcoma of the pulmonary veins.

  title={Leiomyosarcoma of the pulmonary veins.},
  author={Bahram Robert Oliai and Henry Dale Tazelaar and Ricardo Vincent Lloyd and Manuel I. Doria and Victor F. Trastek},
  journal={The American journal of surgical pathology},
  volume={23 9},
Primary sarcomas of the great vessels are rare, but the most common site is the inferior vena cava. Herein are reported five new cases arising from the pulmonary veins with clinicopathologic correlation and comparison to previously reported cases. All new cases occurred in women ranging in age from 23 to 64 years at diagnosis (mean, 56 years). They had symptoms suggestive of left heart failure, including three patients with dyspnea, one with hemoptysis, and one with cough. Three cases showed… CONTINUE READING


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