Leibnizian organisms, nested individuals, and units of selection

  title={Leibnizian organisms, nested individuals, and units of selection},
  author={O. Nachtomy and Ayelet Shavit and J. Smith},
  journal={Theory in Biosciences},
  • O. Nachtomy, Ayelet Shavit, J. Smith
  • Published 2002
  • Computer Science
  • Theory in Biosciences
  • SummaryLeibniz developed a new notion of individuality, according to which individuals are nested one within another, thereby abandoning the Aristotelian formula at the heart of substantialist metaphysics, ‘one body, one substance’. On this model, the level of individuality is determined by the degree of activity, and partly defined by its relations with other individuals. In this article, we show the importance of this new notion of individuality for some persisting questions in theoretical… CONTINUE READING
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