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Leib/Seele-Geist/Buchstabe : Dualismen in der Ästhetik und den Künsten um 1800 und 1900

  title={Leib/Seele-Geist/Buchstabe : Dualismen in der {\"A}sthetik und den K{\"u}nsten um 1800 und 1900},
  author={Markus Dauss and Ralf Haekel},
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Romantic Coherence. Atmosphere and the Absolute in Tieck’s Frühlingsreise
For Ludwig Tieck, romantic poetry is the endeavor of the finite subject to grasp the infinite of nature. This article considers Tieck’s contribution to early romantic aesthetics by reading his poem
Observing Neutrality, circa 1800
Heis mich nicht reden, heis mich schweigen-Goethe, Wilhelm Meisters Lehrjahre (MA 5:357)FOR HIS SEMINAR held at the College de France during the spring semester of 1978, Roland Barthes offered his
["... mein Recht muss mir werden!" Hermann Bahr's tragicomedy Der Querulant (1914)].
  • Rupert Gaderer
  • Philosophy, Medicine
    Berichte zur Wissenschaftsgeschichte
  • 2014
The paper analyzes the aesthetic function of querulous behavior in the dramatic structure of the play from the point of view of both media theory and literary theory.
Radical Thinking and the Dialogic Mode in Karl Philipp Moritz’s Andreas-Hartknopf-Novels
The following essay wants to contribute to a discussion on the origins of the German novel in the context of late-eighteenth-century German and European intellectual history. It does so by examining