Legitimation Discourse and the Theory of the Five Elements in Imperial China

  title={Legitimation Discourse and the Theory of the Five Elements in Imperial China},
  author={Yuan Julian Chen},
  journal={Journal of Song-Yuan Studies},
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  • Y. Chen
  • Published 6 March 2016
  • Sociology
  • Journal of Song-Yuan Studies

Apocalyptic belief and prophecy: constructing political legitimacy during the Yuan-Ming transition

  • Haiwei Liu
  • History
    Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society
  • 2022
According to recent research, after the Song dynasty, there was a transformation of the political culture in imperial China according to which Confucian elites and dynastic rulers ceased to

Predicament of the Hongwu Emperor and his Defense for the Regime’s Legitimacy

Known for his shrewd and calculating nature, Emperor Hongwu faced a critical challenge concerning regime legitimacy at the beginning of the Ming Dynasty. At that time, scholars generally adopted a

Unobvious and Hidden Parallels in Eurasian Legal and Cultural Space: Can Singaporean Experience Be Used in Russia?

Once Mr Lee Kuan Yew, Founding father of the modern State of Singapore, offered the Singapore’s political experience to Vladimir Putin during their meeting. He was not heard and Putin claimed that

Battle for Eurasia and Failure of Vladimir Putin as an Eurasian Leader

Since mid-nineteenth century, Eurasian space has always been a place of political and cultural competition of several superpowers’ national meta-narratives. Now the competition continues. Reverse


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The World Imagined

Taking an inter-disciplinary approach, Spruyt explains the political organization of three non-European international societies from early modernity to the late nineteenth century. The Ottoman,



Possessing the Past

Portrait Sculptures in Imperial Ancestral Rites in Song China

On the fourth day of the eleventh month of 1082, the chief councillors and other high officials gathered in the palace about an hour after dawn. They joined guardsmen and musicians, together with

The Kitan language and script

The Kitan language and script have disappeared from history for more than 800 years. Recent research has partially deciphered a number of Kitan inscriptions, reveal significantly more of its lexicon

Records of the grand historian

IntroductionTranslator's NotePart I: Heaven, Earth and ManShi ji 28: The Treatise on the Feng and Shan SacrificesShi ji 29: The Treatise on the Yellow River and CanalsShi ji 30: The Treatise on the

Chinese Ceramics: From the Paleolithic Period through the Qing Dynasty

This lavishly illustrated catalogue is a comprehensive historical review of Chinese ceramics covering newly excavated discoveries from the Paleolithic era thousands of years ago to the end of the

Three Thousand Years of Chinese Painting

From Neolithic painted petroglyphs, early paintings on silk, and landscapes by twelfth-century literati to the traditional handscrolls being produced today, Chinese painting has always had the power