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Legislation as Intervention: A Survey of Cultural Competence Policy in Health Care

  title={Legislation as Intervention: A Survey of Cultural Competence Policy in Health Care},
  author={Darci L. Graves and Robert C Like and Nataly Kelly and A Hohensee},
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A Sociological Analysis of the Cultural Competence Construct: Essays on the Conceptualization, Operationalization, and Implementation of Cultural Competence in the U.S. Medical Profession
This dissertation answers core questions about the parameters of cultural competence in medicine and considers the jurisdictional terrain of the medical profession and its changing nature concerning the adoption of cultural Competence.
The Promise and Paradox of Cultural Competence
  • Rebecca J. Hester
  • Art
    HEC forum : an interdisciplinary journal on hospitals' ethical and legal issues
  • 2012
It is argued that the field of cultural competence fails to grapple with the ways that race and racism work in U.S. society today, and unless this is changed, unequal treatment and entrenched health disparities will remain.
The Role of Structural Gendered Racism in Effective Healthcare Utilization among Black American Women with Herpes Simplex Virus
A conceptual framework is proposed that identifies the link between stigma, gendered racism, and historical underpinnings that contribute to ineffective healthcare utilization of Black women diagnosed with the chronic sexually transmitted infection (STI), genital herpes.
Contextualizing the Cultural Factors Associated With Cancer Care in Nigeria: An Ethnonursing Study
Findings revealed significant influence of kinship, family, and social structure as well as the roles played by cultural beliefs, values, and practices in cancer care in Nigeria.
Peace and Conflict Studies
In this article I discuss how World Café Dialogues can be used to unveil structural and cultural violence that drive the behaviors that maintain end-of-life care inequalities, especially among
Guidelines for Training in Cultural Psychiatry
This position paper has been substantially revised by the Canadian Psychiatric Association (CPA)’s Section on Transcultural Psychiatry and the Standing Committee on Education and approved for
Incorporating Ethnogeriatrics into Training Competencies
How does a clinical educator incorporate ethnogeriatrics into training competencies for medical students and residents without using stereotypes and/or appearing racist? This is crucial in our
Adoption of the National CLAS Standards by State Mental Health Agencies: A Nationwide Policy Analysis.
The extent to which states have adopted the national culturally and linguistically appropriate services (CLAS) standards is reported, with most states do not have policies that meet all CLAS standards, raising questions about how ClAS standards should be adopted.
Cultural Awareness and Responsiveness in Person-Centered Psychiatry
In this chapter, current thinking about the role of culture in mental health and illness is outlined and approaches to integrating attention to culture and social context in person-centered care are reviewed.
Communities in Action: Participatory Assessments as an Initial Stage in Critical Consciousness Raising and Community Capacity Building
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Cultural competence and medical education: many names, many perspectives, one goal.
  • J. Betancourt
  • Medicine
    Academic medicine : journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges
  • 2006
The field of cultural competence aims quite simply to assure that health care providers are prepared to provide quality care to diverse populations.
Beagan , Teaching Social and Cultural Awareness to Medical Students : " It ' s All Very Nice to Talk About It in Theory , But Ultimately It Makes No Difference " , 78 ACAD
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