Legionnaires' disease

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Functional diversity of Legionella pneumophila Dot/Icm Effector SdhA in Galleria mellonella model
The main objective of this study was to determine if the role of the crucial virulence-related Dot/Icm T4BSS effector SdhA induced different levels of virulence among unrelated L. pneumophila strains in Galleria mellonella infection. Expand
What is the risk of missing legionellosis relying on urinary antigen testing solely? A retrospective Belgian multicenter study
Molecular results of Legionella detection as part of a first-line (syndromic) testing algorithm for severe respiratory tract infections were investigated retrospectively and compared with UAT results in 14 Belgian laboratories to investigate the risk of missing legionellosis relying on UAT solely. Expand
Legionella and Legionnaires' disease: Time to explore in India
The basic concepts of Legionella including clinical presentations, epidemiology, laboratory diagnosis and the status of LD in India are outlined, and the progress of research related to Legionella in this country is summarised. Expand
Laboratory Tests for Legionnaire's Disease.
This review describes the state of affairs of this continuously evolving field regarding the diagnosis of Legionnaire's disease and covers detection, assessment of antibiotic susceptibility, and epidemiologic characterization of isolates of L pneumophila and other pathogenic species within the genus. Expand
Nervous System Abnormalities and Legionnaire's Disease.
  • J. Halperin
  • Medicine
  • Infectious disease clinics of North America
  • 2017
Patients with Legionnaire's disease are at increased risk of, and rarely develop, immune-mediated multifocal brain (acute disseminated encephalomyelitis) or peripheral nerve disease (Guillain-Barré syndrome). Expand
Legionella and legionnaires' disease: An overview
The macrolides and fluoroquinolones are still the mainstays for the treatment of Legionella infections, and an effective water treatment procedure is necessary. Expand
Predictive residential energy management with photovoltaic power generation and battery energy storage
Over the course of the past decade, South African national energy utility Eskom has increased its average electricity rate more than fourfold as it finds itself in financial difficulty, brought aboutExpand
Severe Legionnaire Disease Complicated by Multi-Organ Dysfunction : The Heart is not Spared
Background: Legionella pneumophila is a common cause of Community Acquired Pneumonia (CAP) which is often associated with a severe clinical course and a mortality rate of 5% to 25% amongExpand
A Case Note on Legionnaires' Disease Caused by Serogroup 1, Sequence Type ST496 in Singapore.
Bacterial Pathogens and Their Virulence Factors