Legionella contamination in hot water of Italian hotels.

  title={Legionella contamination in hot water of Italian hotels.},
  author={Paola Borella and Maria Teresa Montagna and Serena Stampi and Giovanna Stancanelli and Vincenzo Romano-Spica and M. Triassi and Isabella Marchesi and Annalisa Bargellini and Daniela Tat{\`o} and Christian Napoli and Franca Zanetti and Erica Leoni and Matteo Moro and Stefania Scaltriti and Gabriella Ribera D'Alcal{\`a} and Rosalba Santarpia and Stefania Boccia},
  journal={Applied and environmental microbiology},
  volume={71 10},
A cross-sectional multicenter survey of Italian hotels was conducted to investigate Legionella spp. contamination of hot water. Chemical parameters (hardness, free chlorine concentration, and trace element concentrations), water systems, and building characteristics were evaluated to study risk factors for colonization. The hot water systems of Italian hotels were strongly colonized by Legionella; 75% of the buildings examined and 60% of the water samples were contaminated, mainly at levels of… CONTINUE READING


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