Legionella clemsonensis sp. nov.: a green fluorescing Legionella strain from a patient with pneumonia

  title={Legionella clemsonensis sp. nov.: a green fluorescing Legionella strain from a patient with pneumonia},
  author={A. Palmer and J. Painter and Hayley B Hassler and V. P. Richards and T. Bruce and Shatavia S. Morrison and E. Brown and N. Kozak-Muiznieks and C. Lucas and T. McNealy},
  journal={Microbiology and Immunology},
A novel Legionella species was identified based on sequencing, cellular fatty acid analysis, biochemical reactions, and biofilm characterization. Strain D5610 was originally isolated from the bronchial wash of a patient in Ohio, USA. The bacteria were gram‐negative, rod‐shaped, and exhibited green fluorescence under long wave UV light. Phylogenetic analysis and fatty acid composition revealed a distinct separation within the genus. The strain grows between 26–45°C and forms biofilms equivalent… Expand
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