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Legendre Trajectories of Trans-$S$-Manifolds

  title={Legendre Trajectories of Trans-\$S\$-Manifolds},
  author={cSaban Guvencc},
then it is called a magnetic curve for the magnetic field F . The Lorentz equation is a generalization of the equation for geodesics. Magnetic curves have constant speed. If the speed of the magnetic curve γ is equal to 1, then it is called a normal magnetic curve [8]. For extensive information about almost contact metric manifolds and Sasakian manifolds, we refer to Blair’s book [3]. Let γ(s) be a Frenet curve parametrized by the arc-length parameter t in an almost contact metric manifold M… Expand


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$C$-parallel and $C$-proper Slant Curves of $S$-manifolds
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