Legalising Sex Work: The Regulation of ‘Risk’ in Australian Prostitution Law Reform

  title={Legalising Sex Work: The Regulation of ‘Risk’ in Australian Prostitution Law Reform},
  author={Victoria M. Nagy and Anastasia Powell},
  journal={Current Issues in Criminal Justice},
  pages={1 - 16}
  • V. Nagy, A. Powell
  • Published 2016
  • Political Science
  • Current Issues in Criminal Justice
Abstract Debates about the legalisation of sex work in Australia have tended to focus on the ‘risks’ of sex work that need managing and regulating. However, in some states, the framing of these risks has been dominated by socio-cultural and political concerns, such as morality and suburban serenity, rather than the concerns of workers in the industry. In this article we discuss how the risks of sex work have been envisaged and debated in two case study states (South Australia and Western… Expand
How Sex Worker Activism Influenced the Decriminalisation of Sex Work in NSW, Australia.
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Differences between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal women engaged in street prostitution in Sudbury.
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