Legal protection against gender discrimination in the workplace in China

  title={Legal protection against gender discrimination in the workplace in China},
  author={Sadie Yang and Ao Li},
  journal={Gender \& Development},
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In its 2005 White Paper on Gender Equality, China announced that its legal system offers women workers complete protection of their rights and interests. However, this strong political declaration has to face an uncomfortable ‘reality check’. New forms of gender discrimination at the workplace have emerged in more subtle ways, and usually under the disguise of protecting women, as authorities have outlawed traditional types of prejudice based on gender. This article draws on a survey of… Expand
Civilizing Unmarried Urban Women in China: Authentic or Not?
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Fighting Gender Discrimination in the Chinese Workplace
Follow this and additional works at: Part of the Asian Studies Commons, Chinese Studies Commons, Civil Rights and Discrimination Commons, Comparative and ForeignExpand
China’s Employment Discrimination Laws during Economic Transition
III. CHINA'S ANTI-DISCRIMINATION LAWS 386 A. LAWS PROVIDING "PROTECTED STATUS". 386 1. The 1994 Labor Law 386 2. Other Anti-Discrimination Laws 389 3. Local Government Discrimination Bans 400 B. LAWExpand
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