Leg crossers' dimple: A form of localized lipoatrophy.

  title={Leg crossers' dimple: A form of localized lipoatrophy.},
  author={Hassan Kalouche and Margot J. Whitfeld},
  journal={The Australasian journal of dermatology},
  volume={47 4},
We report eight individuals with localized lipoatrophy of the lateral lower leg that were seen by a single dermatologist in a 1-year period. All were asymptomatic and half had mild epidermal changes consistent with lichenification. Seven were an incidental finding during a general skin examination. All had a long-standing history of frequent leg crossing. The sites correlated with the area resting on the patella of the opposing knee. The depressions were larger on sides of leg-crossing… CONTINUE READING

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