Left ventricular hypertrophy. Its relationship to obesity and hypertension.

  title={Left ventricular hypertrophy. Its relationship to obesity and hypertension.},
  author={Carl J. Lavie and Hector O. Ventura and Franz H. Messerli},
  journal={Postgraduate medicine},
  volume={91 7},
  pages={131-2, 135-8, 141-3}
Hypertension and obesity are closely related. Obese patients tend to have increased intravascular volume and cardiac output and decreased total peripheral vascular resistance and plasma renin activity. Lean patients with essential hypertension usually have increased total peripheral resistance. Left ventricular adaptation in obesity consists of eccentric left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH), regardless of the level of arterial pressure. Obesity and hypertension occurring together place a dual… CONTINUE READING


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