Left inferior parietal dominance in gesture imitation: an fMRI study.

  title={Left inferior parietal dominance in gesture imitation: an fMRI study.},
  author={Mark M{\"u}hlau and Joachim Hermsd{\"o}rfer and Georg Goldenberg and Afra M. Wohlschl{\"a}ger and Florian Castrop and Robert M Stahl and Michael Roettinger and P. Erhard and Bernhard Haslinger and Andres O. Ceballos-Baumann and Bastian Conrad and H. Boecker},
  volume={43 7},
The inability to imitate gestures is an essential feature of apraxia. However, discrepancies exist between clinical studies in apraxic patients and neuroimaging findings on imitation. We therefore aimed to investigate: (1) which areas are recruited during imitation under conditions similar to clinical tests for apraxic deficits; (2) whether there are common lateralized areas subserving imitation irrespective of the acting limb side; and also (3) whether there are differences between hand and… CONTINUE READING
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