Left hemisphere intracerebral hemorrhages studied by ( (F-18)-fluorodeoxyglucose PET.


We used PET to study patients with intracerebral hemorrhages in the left hemisphere. Three anatomic and physiologic patterns were observed. Patients 1 and 2 had midputamen hemorrhages with diffuse left less than right hemispheric metabolic asymmetry most prominent in temporal and parietal regions. Patients 3 and 4 had posterior putamen-insula-temporal… (More)


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@article{Metter1986LeftHI, title={Left hemisphere intracerebral hemorrhages studied by ( (F-18)-fluorodeoxyglucose PET.}, author={E. J. Metter and Catherine A. Jackson and Daniel Kempler and Walter H. Riege and Wayne R. Hanson and John C. Mazziotta and M Eleanor Phelps}, journal={Neurology}, year={1986}, volume={36 9}, pages={1155-62} }