Left atrial remodelling in competitive adolescent soccer players.

  title={Left atrial remodelling in competitive adolescent soccer players.},
  author={Flavio D'Ascenzi and Matteo Cameli and Matteo Lisi and Valerio Zac{\`a} and Benedetta Maria Natali and Angela Malandrino and Susanna Benincasa and Silvia Catanese and Andrea Causarano and Sergio Mondillo},
  journal={International journal of sports medicine},
  volume={33 10},
Left atrial (LA) enlargement and improved myocardial diastolic properties are a component of athlete's heart. We performed a longitudinal study involving adolescent athletes to investigate the impact of training on LA remodelling and diastolic function. 21 competitive adolescent soccer players were enrolled and engaged in an 8-month training program. Echocardiographic analysis was performed at baseline, after 4 and 8 months. We assessed diastolic function by Doppler tissue imaging and we… CONTINUE READING

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