Left and right superior parietal lobule in tactile object discrimination.

  title={Left and right superior parietal lobule in tactile object discrimination.},
  author={Maria Cornelia Stoeckel and Bruno Weder and F. Binkofski and Hyun Jung Choi and Katrin Amunts and Peter Pieperhoff and Nadim Joni Shah and R{\"u}diger J. Seitz},
  journal={The European journal of neuroscience},
  volume={19 4},
Tactile object discrimination is one of the major manual skills of humans. While the exploring finger movements are not perceived explicitly, attention to the movement-evoked kinaesthetic information gates the tactile perception of object form. Using event-related functional magnetic resonance imaging in seven healthy subjects we found one area in the right superior parietal cortex, which was specifically activated by kinaesthetic attention during tactile object discrimination. Another area… CONTINUE READING

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