Left Communism in Australia: J.a. Dawson and the "Southern Advocate for Workers' Councils"

  title={Left Communism in Australia: J.a. Dawson and the "Southern Advocate for Workers' Councils"},
  author={Steve Wright},
  journal={Thesis Eleven},
  pages={43 - 77}
  • S. Wright
  • Published 1 February 1980
  • Geology
  • Thesis Eleven
’TO OUR READERS,’ appealed the November 1948 issue of the Southern Advocate for Workers’ Councils. ’We have LITTLE CASH to continue. Hence, in future, a smaller paper will be issued at longer intervals and only a limited number of supplement parts of &dquo;Workers’ Councils&dquo; ... We are sorry to RETRENCH, but we have exhausted our funds and printing costs are too heavy.’ Appended to this front-page notice was the following: ’PERSONAL J.A. Dawson is experiencing 
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