Lee Teng-hui and the Idea of “Taiwan”*

  title={Lee Teng-hui and the Idea of “Taiwan”*},
  author={J. Jacobs and I-Hao Ben Liu},
  journal={The China Quarterly},
  pages={375 - 393}
Abstract Lee Teng-hui, president of Taiwan from 1988 to 2000, played an important role in launching the widespread nationalism in Taiwan today. Since the end of his presidency, Lee has pushed very hard for a separate Taiwan nation, but during his terms of office he moved very cautiously and only announced his “special state-to-state” relationship to describe Taiwan's relations with China after China repeatedly refused to negotiate. Although Lee's efforts at democratization have received… Expand
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A problematic, but still useful source is Ko-lin Chin
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Lee made many of the same points in a book published just after the end of his presidency, Li Denghui and Nakajima Mineo
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Li zongtong Denghui xiansheng bashiwunian yanlun xuanji (A Selection of 1996 Speeches by President Lee Teng-hui
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After Ma Ying-jeou was indicted for corruption on
    Chen pleads Taiwan's case with European officials
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    KMT breaks it off with Lee Teng-hui
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    • 1±8, quotation from pp. 1±2. A Chinese version of the interview may be found in Huang Zhaoyuan