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Lectures on the fourteenth problem of Hilbert

  title={Lectures on the fourteenth problem of Hilbert},
  author={Masayoshi Nagata},
  • M. Nagata
  • Published 1965
  • Philosophy, Mathematics
Let f : R → R be a polynomial of degree d with only isolated complex critical points. It is shown that the set of bifurcation values of f is contained in a set which has at most (d − 1) points. TheExpand
Unipotent group actions on affine varieties
Abstract Algebraic actions of unipotent groups U on affine k-varieties X (k is an algebraically closed field of characteristic 0) for which the algebraic quotient X / / U has small dimension areExpand
Derivations of polynomial rings over a field of characteristic zero
This set is a k-subalgebra of A which we call the ring of constants of d. If A is a domain and k is a field, then we denote by A0 the field of quotients of A and we denote also by d the uniqueExpand
Counterexamples to the Fourteenth Problem of
Let K be a field, K[X] = K[X1, . . . , Xn] the polynomial ring in n variables over K for some n ∈ N, and K(X) the field of fractions of K[X]. Assume that L is a subfield of K(X) containing K. Then,Expand
The fourteenth problem of Hilbert for polynomial derivations
We present some facts, observations and remarks concerning the problem of finiteness of the rings of constants for derivations of polynomial rings over a commutative ring k containing the field Q ofExpand
The theorem of Hochster and Roberts says that, for every module V of a linearly reductive group G over a eld K, the invariant ring KV ] G is Cohen{Macaulay. We prove the following converse: if G is aExpand
The Positivity of Intersection Multiplicities and Symbolic Powers of Prime Ideals
Serre's nonnegativity conjecture for intersection multiplicities has recently been proven by O. Gabber. In this paper we investigate Serre's positivity conjecture using the methods which heExpand
Invariants of Hopf Algebras
In the winter of 1999 I gave a series of lectures at Queen’s university about some recent results concerning the Cohen-Macaulay property of invariants of Hopf algebras. Tony Geramita asked me toExpand
Commutative Ring Theory
Preface Introduction Conventions and terminology 1. Commutative rings and modules 2. prime ideals 3. Properties of extension rings 4. Valuation rings 5. Dimension theory 6. Regular sequences 7.Expand