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Lectures on orientifolds and duality

  title={Lectures on orientifolds and duality},
  author={Atish Dabholkar},
These lecture notes are intended as a pedagogical introduction to orientifolds. Aspects of orbifolds and F-theory are also discussed in brief to provide the necessary background. The emphasis is on the applications of these constructions to duality. The approach is based on simple examples that can be easily worked out in detail but which, at the same time, illustrate the main ingredients of the general procedure. 

Type-IIA orientifolds on general supersymmetric ℤN orbifolds

We construct type-IIA orientifolds for general supersymmetric N orbifolds. In particular, we provide the methods to deal with the non-factorisable six-dimensional tori for the cases 7, 8, '8, 12 and

Orientifold planes, affine algebras and magnetic monopoles

We analyze string theory backgrounds that include different kinds of orientifold planes and map out a natural correspondence to (twisted) affine Kac-Moody algebras. The low-energy description of

Introduction to String Theory and D–Branes

These lecture notes cover a number of introductory topics in the area of string theory, and are intended as a foundation for many of the other lecture courses in TASI 2003. The standard topics in

An Introduction to String Theory

These notes are based on lectures given by Michael Green during Part III of the Mathe- matics Tripos (the Certificate for Advanced Study in Mathematics) in the Spring of 2003. The course provided an

Tadpole Analysis of Orientifolded Plane-Waves

We study orientifolds of type-IIB string theory in the plane-wave background supported by null RR 3-form flux F(3). We describe how to extract the RR tadpoles in the Green-Schwarz formalism in a

On condensation of closed-string tachyons

Type IIA orientifold compactification on SU(2)-structure manifolds

We investigate the effective theory of type IIA string theory on six-dimensional orientifold backgrounds with SU(2)-structure. We focus on the case of orientifolds with O6-planes, for which we



Notes on D-branes

This is a series of remedial lectures on open and unoriented strings for the heterotic string generation. The particular focus is on the interesting features that arise under T-duality---D-branes and

Duality and orbifolds

An orientifold from F theory

Tasi lectures on D-branes

This is an introduction to the properties of D-branes, topological defects in string theory on which string endpoints can live. D-branes provide a simple description of various nonperturbative

F-theory and orientifolds

Orbifolds of M-theory

Background duality of open-string models

Consistency conditions for orientifolds and D-manifolds.

It is argued that the {ital K}3 orbifold with spin connection embedded in gauge connection corresponds to an interacting conformal field theory in the type I theory.


It is shown that many of the conjectured dualities involving orbifold compactification of M-theory follow from the known dualities involving M-theory and string theory in 10 dimensions, and the