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Lectures on classical and quantum cosmology

  title={Lectures on classical and quantum cosmology},
  author={Gianluca Calcagni and Maria Grazia Di Luca and Tom'avs Fodran},
These lecture notes introduce the reader to the hot big bang model, cosmological perturbations, gravitational waves, the cosmic microwave background, inflation, the singularity problem, the cosmological constant problem and the cosmology of quantum gravity. 


Anomaly-free cosmological perturbations in effective canonical quantum gravity
This article lays out a complete framework for an effective theory of cosmological perturbations with corrections from canonical quantum gravity. Since several examples exist for quantum-gravity
Observational constraints on loop quantum cosmology.
In the inflationary scenario of loop quantum cosmology in the presence of inverse-volume corrections, we give analytic formulas for the power spectra of scalar and tensor perturbations convenient to
Solution of the size and horizon problems from classical string geometry
In a recent paper we developed a string cosmology background from classical string geometry. Here, we show that this background yields a solution to the size and horizon problems of Standard Big Bang
What is Quantum Theory of Gravity
We present a line by line derivation of canonical quantum mechanics stemming from the compatibility of the statistical geometry of distinguishable observations with the canonical Poisson structure of
On the cosmological constant problem
On the wave function of the universe
Bouncing universes in string-inspired gravity
We consider the effects on cosmology of higher-derivative modifications of (effective) gravity that make it asymptotically free without introducing ghosts. The weakening of gravity at short distances