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Lectures on Quantum Groups

  title={Lectures on Quantum Groups},
  author={Pavel Etingof and Olivier Schiffmann},
Revised second edition. The text covers the material presented for a graduate-level course on quantum groups at Harvard University. Covered topics include: Poisson algebras and quantization, Poisson-Lie groups, coboundary Lie bialgebras, Drinfelds double construction, Belavin-Drinfeld classification, Infinite dimensional Lie bialgebras, Hopf algebras, Quantized universal enveloping algebras, formal groups and h-formal groups, infinite dimensional quantum groups, the quantum double, tensor… 
Quantum groups, character varieties and integrable systems
Author(s): Schrader, Gus Knight | Advisor(s): Reshetikhin, Nicolai | Abstract: In this thesis we address several questions involving quantum groups, quantum cluster algebras, and integrable systems,
Quantum Groups and Quantum Cohomology
In this paper, we study the classical and quantum equivariant cohomology of Nakajima quiver varieties for a general quiver Q. Using a geometric R-matrix formalism, we construct a Hopf algebra Y_Q,
Quantum Divided Power Algebra, Q-Derivatives, and Some New Quantum Groups
Abstract The discussions in the present paper arise from exploring intrinsically the structural nature of the quantum n-space. A kind of braided category G B of Λ-graded θ-commutative associative
Complex Semisimple Quantum Groups and Representation Theory
This book provides a thorough introduction to the theory of complex semisimple quantum groups, that is, Drinfeld doubles of q-deformations of compact semisimple Lie groups. The presentation is
Belavin-Drinfeld cohomologies and introduction to classification of quantum groups
In the present article we discuss the classification of quantum groups whose quasiclassical limit is a given simple complex Lie algebra g. This problem reduces to the classification of all Lie
Poisson orders on large quantum groups
We bring forward the notions of large quantum groups and their relatives. The starting point is the concept of distinguished pre-Nichols algebra arXiv:1405.6681 belonging to a one-parameter family;
Introduction to double Hecke algebras
This paper is based on the introduction to the monograph ``Double affine Hecke algebras'' to be published by Cambridge University Press. The connections with Knizhnik-Zamolodchikov equations,
Lectures on q-analogues of Cartan domains and associated Harish-Chandra modules
This volume contains a mildly expanded version of lectures and talks at seminars and conferences, as well as review papers on subjects listed in the title of the volume. A great deal of these texts
Classification of Quantum Groups via Galois Cohomology
The first example of a quantum group was introduced by P. Kulish and N. Reshetikhin. In the paper Kulish et al. (J Soviet Math 23:2435–2441, 1983), they found a new algebra which was later called