Lectures on Matrix Field Theory I

  title={Lectures on Matrix Field Theory I},
  author={Badis Ydri},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Physics - Theory},
  • B. Ydri
  • Published 2 March 2016
  • Physics
  • arXiv: High Energy Physics - Theory
The subject of matrix field theory involves matrix models, noncommutative geometry, fuzzy physics and noncommutative field theory and their interplay. In these lectures, a lot of emphasis is placed on the matrix formulation of noncommutative and fuzzy spaces, and on the non-perturbative treatment of the corresponding field theories. In particular, the phase structure of noncommutative $\phi^4$ theory is treated in great detail, and an introduction to noncommutative gauge theory is given. 

Approximate treatment of noncommutative curvature in quartic matrix model

: We study a Hermitian matrix model with the standard quartic potential amended by a tr( R Φ 2 ) term for fixed external matrix R . This is motivated by a curvature term in the truncated Heisenberg

On the quantum structure of space-time, gravity, and higher spin in matrix models

In this introductory review, we argue that a quantum structure of space-time naturally entails a higher-spin theory, to avoid significant Lorentz violation. A suitable framework is provided by

Quantum gravity as a multitrace matrix model

We present a new model of quantum gravity as a theory of random geometries given explicitly in terms of a multitrace matrix model. This is a generalization of the usual discretized random surfaces of

Fuzzy field theories and related matrix models

The multi-trace matrix models relevant for the analytical description of scalar field theories on fuzzy spaces are introduced and it is shown to what extent they do and do not, describe the know phase structure of $\phi^4$ theory on the fuzzy sphere.

Detecting scaling in phase transitions on the truncated Heisenberg algebra

We construct and analyze the phase diagram of the self-interacting matrix field coupled to curvature of the non-commutative truncated Heisenberg space. The model reduces to renormalizable

M ay 2 01 6 Equivariant Fields in an SU ( N ) Gauge theory with new Spontaneously Generated Fuzzy Extra Dimensions

We find new spontaneously generated fuzzy extra dimensions emerging from a certain deformation of N = 4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills (SYM) theory with cubic soft supersymmetry breaking and mass

Equivariant Fields in an $SU({\cal N})$ Gauge Theory with new Spontaneously Generated Fuzzy Extra Dimensions

We find new spontaneously generated fuzzy extra dimensions emerging from a certain deformation of N = 4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills (SYM) theory with cubic soft supersymmetry breaking and mass

A U (3) Gauge Theory on Fuzzy Extra Dimensions

In this article, we explore the low energy structure of a U (3) gauge theory over spaces with fuzzy sphere(s) as extra dimensions. In particular, we determine the equivariant parametrization of the

Review of M(atrix)-Theory, Type IIB Matrix Model and Matrix String Theory

A review of M-(atrix) theory (the BFFS matrix quantum mechanics), type IIB matrix model (the IKKT matrix model) and Matrix String Theory (the DVV matrix gauge theory) is presented.

Second moment fuzzy-field-theory-like matrix models

A multitrace matrix model approximating the real quartic scalar field theory on the fuzzy sphere is solved and a modification of the kinetic part of the action by higher derivative term can change the phase diagram of the theory such that the triple point moves further from the origin.



Quantum field theory on noncommutative spaces

Noncommutative field theory

We review the generalization of field theory to space-time with noncommuting coordinates, starting with the basics and covering most of the active directions of research. Such theories are now known


Using standard field theoretical techniques, we survey pure Yang–Mills theory on the noncommutative torus, including Feynman rules and BRS symmetry. Although in general free of any infrared

Noncommutative Geometry and Matrix Theory: Compactification on Tori

We study toroidal compactification of Matrix theory, using ideas and results of noncommutative geometry. We generalize this to compactification on the noncommutative torus, explain the classification

Matrix model fixed point of noncommutative $ϕ^4$ theory

In this article we exhibit explicitly the matrix model (θ = ∞) fixed point of phifour theory on noncommutative spacetime with only two noncommuting directions using the Wilson renormalization group

Duality in scalar field theory on noncommutative phase spaces

Conformal Field Theory and Geometry of Strings

What is quantum geometry? This question is becoming a popular leitmotiv in theoretical physics and in mathematics. Conformal field theory may catch a glimpse of the right answer. We review global

Noncommutative Φ4 theory at two loops

We study perturbative aspects of noncommutative field theories. This work is arranged in two parts. First, we review noncommutative field theories in general and discuss both canonical and path

An Introduction to Noncommutative Spaces and Their Geometries

Noncommutative Spaces and Algebras of Functions.- Projective Systems of Noncommutative Lattices.- Modules as Bundles.- A Few Elements of K-Theory.- The Spectral Calculus.- Noncommutative Differential

Divergencies in a field theory on quantum space