Lectures on Maass Forms Postech , March 25 - 27 , 2007


will be treated; the general theory for congruence subgroups Γ0(N) is similar in philosophy but more involved in details. For detailed treatment of Maass forms in book form, the reader is referred to e.g. Borel [2], Bump [3], Iwaniec [4], and Ye [20]. Even for the simplest case (1.1), there are already big amount of materials in the literature. To explain these materials in such a short time, I have to omit most of the proofs, and content myself just with illustrations and explanations. The contents are as follows: §2. Maass forms for SL2(Z) §3. Fourier expansion for Maass forms §4. Spectral decomposition of non-Euclidean Laplacian ∆ §5. Hecke theory for Maass forms §6. The Kuznetsov trace formula §7. Automorphic L-functions

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