Lectures on Hilbert Cube Manifolds

  title={Lectures on Hilbert Cube Manifolds},
  author={T. Chapman},
Preliminaries Z-sets in Q Stability of Q-manifoldsitle> Z-sets in Q-manifolds Q-manifolds of the form $M \times [0, 1)$ Shapes of Z-sets in Q Near homeomorphisms and the Sum Theorem Applications of the Sum Theorem The Splitting Theorem The Handle Straightening Theorem The Triangulation Theorem The Classification Theorem Cell-like mappings The ANR Theorem References Appendix Open problems in infinite-dimensional topology. 
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On R∞ and Q∞-manifolds
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C0-coarse geometry of complements of Z-sets in the Hilbert cube
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Approximation results in Hilbert cube manifolds
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Topology of manifolds modeled on countable direct limits of Menger compacta
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Boundary sets in the Hilbert cube
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A Hilbert cube L-S category
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