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Lectures on Government and Binding

  title={Lectures on Government and Binding},
  author={Noam Chomsky},

EPP, Labeling and Word Order in Arabic

This paper looks at EPP and word order in Arabic in light of Chomsky’s Labeling Theory, proposed in POP and POP Extensions. In the current framework, EPP—the principle that SpecTP must be filled

Principle B constrains the processing of cataphora: Evidence for syntactic and discourse predictions

We tested whether comprehenders can use Binding Principle B (Chomsky, 1981) to guide antecedent search during the processing of cataphoric pronouns. We implemented two self-paced reading experiments

Token-based typology and word order entropy: A study based on Universal Dependencies

It is argued that this variation in word order variation can be explained by general functional mechanisms and pressures, which manifest themselves in language use, such as optimization of processing and grammaticalization of predictable units occurring in chunks.

Binding and Coreference in Vietnamese


The Syntax Of Complex Sentences In Mandarin Chinese: A Comprehensive Overview With Analyses

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A Contrastive Study of English and Chinese Empty Categories

This thesis makes a comparative study of English and Chinese empty categories on the basis of Government theory, Binding theory and Control theory. The thesis aims at probing into the overall

Acquisition of English anaphora by Iranian EFL learners

The present study examined the acquisition of anaphora in English by Iranian EFL learners as well as Persian speaking children. To do so, the study was conducted in three phases. In the first phase,

The Comprehension of Relative Clauses by Romance Learners of English: Syntactic and Semantic Influences

The present thesis builds upon the previous research on relative clauses (RC) and seeks to discover whether the comprehension of RCs by Romance learners of English follows a gradient of difficulty and to determine which variables affect this comprehension.

The Spray/Load and Dative Alternations: Aligning VP Structure and Contextual Effects.

It is concluded that non-semantic contextual information interacts with the encoding of an event which ultimately has consequences for syntactic choices and drives differences in the linear order of their VP arguments.

Linguistic and Cognitive Evidence About Anaphora

  • Massimo Poesio
  • Linguistics
    Anaphora Resolution - Algorithms, Resources, and Applications
  • 2016
This chapter discusses evidence about how anaphoric expressions are recovered in context, and includes a description of the main models of local focus, distinguishing between discrete and activation-based approaches.