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Lectures notes on compact Riemann surfaces

  title={Lectures notes on compact Riemann surfaces},
  author={Bertrand Eynard},
  journal={arXiv: Mathematical Physics},
  • B. Eynard
  • Published 16 May 2018
  • Mathematics
  • arXiv: Mathematical Physics
This is an introduction to the geometry of compact Riemann surfaces, largely following the books Farkas-Kra, Fay, Mumford Tata lectures. 1) Defining Riemann surfaces with atlases of charts, and as locus of solutions of algebraic equations. 2) Space of meromorphic functions and forms, we classify them with the Newton polygon. 3) Abel map, the Jacobian and Theta functions. 4) The Riemann--Roch theorem that computes the dimension of spaces of functions and forms with given orders of poles and… 

Aspects of Scattering Amplitudes and Moduli Space Localization

We propose that intersection numbers of certain cohomology classes on the moduli space of genus-zero Riemann surfaces with $n$ punctures, $\mathcal{M}_{0,n}$, compute tree-level scattering amplitudes

Riemann surfaces for KPZ with periodic boundaries

The Riemann surface for polylogarithms of half-integer index, which has the topology of an infinite dimensional hypercube, is studied in relation to one-dimensional KPZ universality in finite volume.

Riemann surface for TASEP with periodic boundaries

  • S. Prolhac
  • Mathematics
    Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical
  • 2020
The Bethe ansatz solution of periodic TASEP is formulated in terms of a ramified covering from a Riemann surface to the sphere. The joint probability distribution of height fluctuations at n distinct

Multi-trace correlators from permutations as moduli space

  • Ryo Suzuki
  • Mathematics
    Journal of High Energy Physics
  • 2019
A bstractWe study the n-point functions of scalar multi-trace operators in the U(Nc) gauge theory with adjacent scalars, such as N$$ \mathcal{N} $$ = 4 super Yang-Mills, at tree-level by using finite

On KdV characters in large c CFTs

Two-dimensional conformal field theories with just Virasoro symmetry are endowed with integrable structure. We review how to construct the integrable charges in a two-dimensional conformal field theory

Korteweg–de Vries characters in large central charge CFTs

Two-dimensional conformal field theories with just Virasoro symmetry are endowed with integrable structure. We review how to construct the integrable charges in a two-dimensional conformal field

Scattering and Strebel graphs

We consider a special scattering experiment with n particles in \mathbb{R}^{1,n-3}ℝ1,n−3. The scattering equations in this set-up become the saddle-point equations of a Penner-like matrix model,

Riemann surfaces for integer counting processes

  • S. Prolhac
  • Mathematics
    Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment
  • 2022
Integer counting processes increment the integer value at transitions between states of an underlying Markov process. The generator of a counting process, which depends on a parameter conjugate to

Height Fluctuations of Random Lozenge Tilings Through Nonintersecting Random Walks

In this paper we study height fluctuations of random lozenge tilings of polygonal domains on the triangular lattice through nonintersecting Bernoulli random walks. For a large class of polygons which

Edge Universality for Nonintersecting Brownian Bridges.

In this paper we study fluctuations of extreme particles of nonintersecting Brownian bridges starting from $a_1\leq a_2\leq \cdots \leq a_n$ at time $t=0$ and ending at $b_1\leq b_2\leq \cdots\leq



The Geometry of integrable systems. Tau functions and homology of Spectral curves. Perturbative definition

In this series of lectures, we (re)view the "geometric method" that reconstructs, from a geometric object: the "spectral curve", an integrable system, and in particular its Tau function,

Tau-functions on Hurwitz Spaces

We construct a flat holomorphic line bundle over a connected component of the Hurwitz space of branched coverings of the Riemann sphere P1. A flat holomorphic connection defining the bundle is


CONTENTSIntroduction § 1. The Akhiezer function and the Zakharov-Shabat equations § 2. Commutative rings of differential operators § 3. The two-dimensional Schrodinger operator and the algebras

Introduction to classical integrable systems

1. Introduction 2. Integrable dynamical systems 3. Synopsis of integrable systems 4. Algebraic methods 5. Analytical methods 6. The closed Toda chain 7. The Calogero-Moser model 8. Isomonodromic

Theta Functions on Riemann Surfaces

Riemann's theta function.- The prime-form.- Degenerate Riemann surfaces.- Cyclic unramified coverings.- Ramified double coverings.- Bordered Riemann surfaces.

Characterization of Jacobian varieties in terms of soliton equations

Pour Ω dans le demi-espace superieur de Siegel h g , soit X=C g /(Z g +ΩZ g ) la variete abelienne principalement polarisee correspondante et soit θ(Z)=θ(Z,Ω)=∑ m e Z gexp(2Πi t mz+πi t mΩm) la

Theta functions and non-linear equations

CONTENTS Introduction Chapter I. Theta functions. General information § 1. Definition of theta functions and their simplest properties § 2. Theta functions of a single variable § 3. On Abelian tori §

Tata lectures on Theta, Modern Birkhäuser Classics, Birkhäuser, Boston, 1984, volume I (no

  • 1984