Lecture 5 D-Branes on the Conifold and N = 1 Gauge/Gravity Dualities

  title={Lecture 5 D-Branes on the Conifold and N = 1 Gauge/Gravity Dualities},
  author={Christopher P. Herzog and Igor R. Klebanov and Peter Ouyang},
We review extensions of the AdS/CFT correspondence to gauge/ gravity dualities with N = 1 supersymmetry. In particular, we describe the gauge/gravity dualities that emerge from placing D3-branes at the apex of the conifold. We consider first the conformai case, with discussions of chiral primary operators and wrapped D-branes. Next, we break the conformai symmetry by adding a stack of partially wrapped D5-branes to the system, changing the gauge group and introducing a logarithmic… Expand
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Four Lectures On The Gauge/Gravity Correspondence
We review in a pedagogical manner some of the efforts aimed at extending the gauge/gravity correspondence to nonconformal supersymmetric gauge theories in four dimensions. After giving a generalExpand
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