Lectotypification of Indian taxa of Leucas (Lamiaceae)

  title={Lectotypification of Indian taxa of Leucas (Lamiaceae)},
  author={Rajeev Kumar Singh},
  • R. Singh
  • Published 30 September 2015
  • Biology
  • Telopea
Seventeen species and five varieties of Indian Leucas R. Br. are lectotypified here: Leucas angustissima Sedgw., L. ciliata Benth., L. clarkei Hook.f., L. decemdentata (Willd.) Sm. var. angustifolia (Wall. ex Benth.) V.Singh, L. eriostoma Hook.f. var. lanata Hook.f., L. helicterifolia Haines, L. hyssopifolia Benth., L. lamiifolia Desf., L. lanata Benth., L. lanceaefolia Desf., L. longifolia Benth., L. montana (B. Heyne ex Roth) Spreng., L. prostrata (Hook.f.) Gamble, L. pubescens Benth., L… 
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Typification of fourteen names of twelve recognized taxa in Leucas R. Br. (Lamiaceae) and one new combination
Eight binomials of six recognized species of Indian Leucas R. Br. are lectotypified, namely, Leucas beddomei (Hook. f.) Sunojk. & P. Mathew, L. diffusa Benth., L. helianthemifolia Desf., L.


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