Lebegtetett hordalékmérési módszerek összehasonlító vizsgálata balatoni részvízgyűjtőkön

  title={Lebegtetett hordal{\'e}km{\'e}r{\'e}si m{\'o}dszerek {\"o}sszehasonl{\'i}t{\'o} vizsg{\'a}lata balatoni r{\'e}szv{\'i}zgyűjtők{\"o}n},
  author={Imre Poty{\'o} and Ilona K{\'a}sa and Cs. Farkas and Gy. Gelyb{\'o} and Zs. Bakacsi and M{\'a}rton Dencső and Eszter Erzs{\'e}bet T{\'o}th and {\'A}gota Horel},
The present study investigated the quantity of total suspended solids (TSS) in three small catchments and compared the data to turbidity measurements. The TSS data were based on filtration, drying and weight measurements, while the turbidity measurements were retrieved using a handheld device with a turbidity sensor. Water was collected daily at the catchment outlets from November 1, 2016 to May 31, 2017, representing the winter and spring seasons. The lowest quantity of TSS was detected at the… CONTINUE READING

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