Leavitt path algebras with coefficients in a commutative ring

  title={Leavitt path algebras with coefficients in a commutative ring},
  author={Mark Tomforde},
  journal={arXiv: Operator Algebras},
  • M. Tomforde
  • Published 2009
  • Mathematics
  • arXiv: Operator Algebras
Given a directed graph E we describe a method for constructing a Leavitt path algebra $L_R(E)$ whose coefficients are in a commutative unital ring R. We prove versions of the Graded Uniqueness Theorem and Cuntz-Krieger Uniqueness Theorem for these Leavitt path algebras, giving proofs that both generalize and simplify the classical results for Leavitt path algebras over fields. We also analyze the ideal structure of $L_R(E)$, and we prove that if $K$ is a field, then $L_K(E) \cong K \otimes_\Z… Expand
In this article, basic ideals in a Leavitt path algebra over a com- mutative unital ring are studied. It is shown that for a nite acyclic graph E and a commutative unital ring R, the Leavitt pathExpand
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In this paper, we give sharp bounds for the homological dimensions of the Leavitt path algebra $L_K(E)$ of a finite graph $E$ with coefficients in a commutative ring $K$, as well as establish aExpand
Ideal Structure of Leavitt Path Algebras with Coefficients in a Unital Commutative Ring
For a (countable) graph E and a unital commutative ring R, we analyze the ideal structure of the Leavitt path algebra L R (E) introduced by Mark Tomforde. We first modify the definition of basicExpand
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Abstract In this paper, we describe the K-module H H 1 ( L K ( Γ ) ) of outer derivations of the Leavitt path algebra L K ( Γ ) of a row-finite graph Γ with coefficients in an associative commutativeExpand


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