Learning to be a paradox-savvy leader

  title={Learning to be a paradox-savvy leader},
  author={D. Waldman and D. Bowen},
  journal={IEEE Engineering Management Review},
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Leadership Issues and Organizational Dynamics That Shaped the 2016 Republican Primaries
Leadership Issues and Organizational Dynamics That Shaped the 2016 Republican Primaries by Favour Awuzu MA, Oklahoma University, 2014 BS, Enugu State University of Science and Technology, 2000Expand
Heard It through the Grapevine: Conceptualizing Informal Control through the Lens of Social Network Theory
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With the complexity and dynamics of the organizational environment, paradoxical leadership has attracted the attention of researchers as a new method of leadership. Throughout the status quo, itsExpand
University of Birmingham Perspective: Leveraging Open Innovation through Paradox
Publisher Rights Statement: This is the peer reviewed version of the following article: Dragsdahl Lauritzen, G. and Karafyllia, M. (2018), Perspective: Leveraging Open Innovation through Paradox. JExpand
A paradox perspective on the interactive effects of visionary and empowering leadership
Abstract In a multi-source, lagged design field study of 197 leader-follower dyads, we test a model that predicts positive interactive effects of visionary and empowering leadership on followerExpand
The role of paradox theory in decision making and management research
Abstract In this overview article, we contend that most theorizing and research on paradoxes has occurred at the organizational level. However, individuals and their social interactions often serveExpand
A Mosquito in the Classroom
Although the paradox perspective is gaining increasing attention among management scholars, most of us continue to struggle with addressing this challenging topic in the classroom, as it seems out ofExpand
Importing Complexity Leadership Theory Into Bureaucratic Organizations in Non-Western Environments
Criticisms of bureaucratic leadership in the public sector literature are increasing, and as such, a growing number of scholars in public administration are calling for a more complex andExpand
Ambidextrous Leadership and Employee Work Outcomes: A Paradox Theory Perspective
It is demonstrated that LMX quality mediates the relationship between ambidextrous leadership congruence/incongruence and employee work outcomes (i.e., job performance and creativity) and that loose and tight leadership with a high strength plays a more positive role in enhancing LMXquality. Expand
Defining the Socially Responsible Leader: Revisiting Issues in Responsible Leadership
We renew an exchange of letters from 2008 regarding the meaning of responsible leadership, which applies to senior executives of firms as they attempt to engage in corporate social responsibility. AnExpand