Learning to Play the Flute with an Anthropomorphic Robot

  title={Learning to Play the Flute with an Anthropomorphic Robot},
  author={Jorge Solis and Massimo Bergamasco and Shuzo Isoda and Keisuke Chida and Atsuo Takanishi},
The research of the anthropomorphic flutist robot at Waseda University, for more than ten years, has focused on reproducing as best as possible the human organs physiology involved on the human flute playing to clarify this mechanism from an engineering point of view. This research is based on the need to develop useful robots for practical uses in the human living environment. As a result of our research, the newest anthropomorphic flutist robot WF-4 (Waseda Flutist No. 4) with 24-DOF has been… CONTINUE READING
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