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Learning to Explain: Datasets and Models for Identifying Valid Reasoning Chains in Multihop Question-Answering

  title={Learning to Explain: Datasets and Models for Identifying Valid Reasoning Chains in Multihop Question-Answering},
  author={Harsh Jhamtani and P. Clark},
  • Harsh Jhamtani, P. Clark
  • Published 2020
  • Computer Science
  • ArXiv
  • Despite the rapid progress in multihop question-answering (QA), models still have trouble explaining why an answer is correct, with limited explanation training data available to learn from. To address this, we introduce three explanation datasets in which explanations formed from corpus facts are annotated. Our first dataset, eQASC, contains over 98K explanation annotations for the multihop question answering dataset QASC, and is the first that annotates multiple candidate explanations for… CONTINUE READING


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