Learning style as a factor which affects the quality of e-learning


With the aid of the Internet, many organizations and schools have adopted the idea of applying the e-learning system, which is considered as one of the most important services provided by the Internet. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the factors affecting the acceptance and use of e-learning system. There are a number of implicit and explicit frameworks designed to inform e-learning practice. Some of them suggest key components that influence the quality of the e-learning experience: technology, pedagogy, organizational context and creativity. Instructor feedback and student learning styles, significantly affect the perceived learning outcomes of e-learning students. Namely, quality of education will significantly be enhanced if instructors modify their teaching styles to accommodate the learning styles of all students in their classes. When the teacher creates the lesson plan, it is desirable that he or she puts as many activities as possible which will reflect different learning styles. Whereas, students have diverse backgrounds, abilities, and knowledge bases, teachers who are able to use various instructional strategies have been shown to be more effective than those who just use single strategies.

DOI: 10.1007/s10462-011-9253-7

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